Intl. Symposium “Mobile, Education & Mediation” – La Sorbonne 2013

Els passats dies 5 i 6 de desembre vaig participar a la taula rodona: en el marc  INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM “MOBILE, EDUCATION & MEDIATION”, 5-6 DECEMBER 2013, que va tenir lloc a Université Nouvelle Sorbonne de Paris.

Symposium organized by the Research Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual of the University of Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, 5-6 December 2013 INHA-75002 Vasari Room Paris

“Mobile, creation, mediation and use of mobile functionality in practical training and cultural mediation”

parisThe field of education and training is experiencing a buzz around MOOC. Mobile devices such as mobile phones are not highlighted in these innovative projects. In France, there are initiatives around the introduction of the mobile phone or supported by Twitter in cities or academies class. In this situation, the technical mediation augments and feed the pedagogical relationship face to face and open the classroom to the outside world through mobile social networks. Globally, nomadic education carried through the mobile phone is an innovative field support. Cultural mediation took into account, in turn, cell phone in his museum range. There are more than 180 museums and cultural mobile application in France (30 December 2012) and numerous experiments are performed using the many features of mobile (augmented reality, nfc …). Besides practices visitors themselves as photographs with their mobile phones. These are the different teaching practices and mediation proposals that will be presented and discussed fully at the roundtables particularly around issues of digital and mobility in education and culture in France and throughout the world. While speakers from different countries will bring their international expertise around innovative issues in the understanding of culture and mobile education.